Why I Am Here

Most of the time when I talk, I am shouting into the wind.  I have tried to make an effort in the past years to talk less because it seems vain, preoccupied.  I used to keep blogs.  I used to post my every emotion on social networks like a cry for help.  I’ve learned some things since I cut back on those things: I feel better.  I used to think it was an outlet to talk constantly; instead it seemed to perpetuate the problem.

So here I am, after years of not blogging, of committing to sharing only the most necessary of things on social networks (mostly related to politics, religion, and humour–and to keep almost exclusively close friends who appreciated such posts and whose posts I appreciate), I am attempting to blog again.  Not out of vanity, or even out of a desperate need to vent, but because sometimes I want to share.  I want to share the recipes and craft tips that my fellow blogging wives have passed my way (or the ones that I have not been able to find online) to show to others.  I want to share the experiences I have that I know others feel alone in, because that’s how I feel at times.  I want to share the inspiration and encouragement that gets me through the hard times and makes me stronger for the good times.

Hopefully once in a while at least I can say something useful.

I am not trying to be “everything to everyone” or anything like that.  I am not trying to be a people pleaser, and I am not trying to be necessarily neutral.  It is never my intention to offend, but I also intend to say what I mean.

I am an Orthodox Christian, and that should come through in my words, but I am certainly not interested in dissecting theology for the greater Internet audience.  I am not a perfect person, nor do I ever pretend to be.  Please forgive me for my faults.

I chose the name for my blog because it is indicative of the Christian life and is one of the hardest things for me to remember.  When things are good, praising God is easy, but sometimes life is too good to remember.  When things are not so good, praising God is harder and I often just want to complain.  Psalm 145 (Septuagint) has been a great encouragement to me and is my first post.  Hearing the antiphonal choirs in church sing it each Sunday liturgy has been slowly shaping my heart to understand this.

Glory to God for all things.


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