A couple of helpful infant bereavement websites

A website I have found very comforting and helpful to read in the past month+ has been lostinnocentsorthodox.blogspot.com.  It is mostly about miscarriage–I would say most of it is about first and early second trimester miscarriage for Orthodox Christian women–but it represents many of the same sentiments I know that even we feel, knowing that our baby has a very, very high chance of not making it.

While perusing the website again tonight, I was scrolling through the links and tried one of them: http://angelbabiesinfo.com/  As it turns out, it is a website created by a woman who had a baby with Potter’s Syndrome.  It isn’t as extensive as Lost Innocents in material, but it is a good extra resource.  I am glad there are things like that out there, to help us deal with our grief and pre-grief.  It is sad that others have gone through the same thing, but it certainly makes me feel like we aren’t alone.   


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