Maternity Stores are Hell

I hate shopping for maternity clothes.

The cashiers are always chatty and nosy.  

But there is no where else to get the things I need.  I have tried to find as many articles of clothing (baggy sweaters and skirts with elastic or drawstring waists) as possible at non-maternity stores (they’re cheaper and don’t make me look as obviously pregnant), but some things are unavoidable.  Like finding a bra to sleep in.  Or tights that actually fit (though I will rant about those later).  Or a maternity belt (more like back brace) to relieve (or attempt to relieve?) my excruciating back pain.

I just want to buy what I need and leave.  I don’t want to be interrogated about what gender my baby is (I have no fluid so there’s no way of telling), when I’m due (they won’t let me carry that long so what does it matter?), whether I’m going to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers (if my baby has no kidneys, there won’t be a need for diapers at all), and other such questions ad nauseam.

I typically just answer, “I don’t know,” to all of their questions and try to look extremely uninterested in talking, but they just won’t STOP.  There have been a few times I wanted to just outright say, “Listen, my baby isn’t even expected to live and you’re just rubbing salt in the wound.”  But I don’t want to be blatantly rude.  I’m just sick of the questions.

I wish I could get maternity clothes, or things that worked like them, somewhere that didn’t scream, “OH YOU’RE HAVING A BABY!!!!”

*Side note about maternity tights: They are my biggest frustration right now!  I need them to wear under my skirts to keep my legs warm, so I bought a couple of pairs in my size.  The maternity store says to buy things in the size you would’ve worn pre-pregnancy.  So I buy tights for women with a height between 5’6 and 5’10 (I’m 5’7) and in the weight range that matches mine.  Not only were they too short so I had a mid-thigh crotch (I pity the 5’10 women who buy those…), but they ripped in the rear end the second time I wore them because they’re too small!  I don’t even want to go back to buy a bigger size, so I’ve just been wearing the torn pairs…


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