Baby Kicks

I love feeling my baby kick and move inside my womb.

Sometimes it hurts or is at least uncomfortable (especially when I can feel it actively trying to shift positions in there in the absence of amniotic fluid), sometimes it makes my constant need to urinate worse, but I love knowing that it is growing strong and using its limbs like it should.  As long as the kicking and squirming continue, I know the baby isn’t suffering.

It’s funny how such a small little thing can have so much personality already.  It can be kicking, punching, and squirming nonstop for hours, but the minute I tell my husband to try to feel the movements, the baby abruptly stops as if the whole thing is a game.

In church, the baby is usually especially active.  I think of a priest from a church I used to attend in California who said, regarding infant baptisms in particular, that the babies’ sounds are their own ways of praising God.  I can only think that the apparent joy my baby feels in church (I assume it must be that because it brings me so much joy) is our baby’s praises to God as well.


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