A Few Goals for 2014

So I’m a few days late at jumping on the bandwagon of “New Year’s resolutions” and whatnot, but “not procrastinating” was not one of my goals, so I think I’m doing just fine.

A few things I’d like to accomplish this year:

  1. Start–and finish–the wedding photo album.  We’re still in the process of selecting the pictures, and then my dear husband wants me to have them printed and put them in an album by hand.  I suggested doing it electronically and having the album printed, but it doesn’t sound like he likes that idea.  Regardless, getting our pictures organised and in our home (not just on the computer) is a major goal.
  2. Work on a new sewing project.  I have to admit, I think the last sewing projects I did were the whirlwind of things I did for the wedding: my dress, the men’s pant hems, the girls’ hats, the [fabric] flowers, and whatever else I did during that short time frame.  I miss sewing, but I have no where to set up permanently at the moment, so if I want to do a project, it will need to be put away at intervals (making it difficult to finish).  I just need to do it.
  3. Get a new job.  I love doing what I do at the public defenders’ office, but I don’t like actually working there for a variety of reasons that involve policy and personnel more than anything else really.  The last couple of years, as I marked up my calendar for the year with deadlines, I kept hoping I wouldn’t be there at my desk to see each of those deadlines occur.  And yet here I am still.  We’ll see what this year has in store for me.
  4. Make an effort to read regularly.  I’m getting better at this.  Being surrounded by books every day at the library (where I work part-time) really helps whet my appetite for reading, but a lot of times there are too many other things to do.  I want to try to read at least a little bit daily to keep my hunger for books insatiable–as it should be.
  5. On a more frivolous note, I’d really like to go somewhere new.  Last year, we visited Victoria, BC, which was a first for me.  This year we have no concrete plans, but I’m hoping to visit a place I haven’t seen.  I have traveled very little, so theoretically this should be easy, yet most of the time it doesn’t happen.

That’s all for now, though I reserve the right to add to my list as I think of new things I’d like to accomplish this year.  I need to keep motivated somehow!  Hopefully having goals will help take my mind off of the overwhelming emotions I feel too much of the time from thinking too much in the silence of idleness…


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