Soap Box

One of the most horrible things people do on a frequent basis (to me, and to others even more, as I’ve observed) is justify that it is OK if a child dies if he was sick or had a birth defect. It is unnerving to me that a person, shocked and in horrified disbelief that infants really do die (even in this day and age!!), will suddenly become understanding and condescending when they learn that the child was sickly or not expected to live, usually followed by something rude like, “Well, then it was for the best.” As if the child was worth less, deserved less love because of the defect.

Human life is either equally valuable or equally worthless. You have to make a choice and stick with it.


3 thoughts on “Soap Box

  1. no words for this. sooooo, if your healthy kid get leukemia and dies, is that ok? I sometimes hesitate to tell people that Mabel had Down Syndrome because I fear they’ll see her life would have been worth less and its more ok that she died. When I do tell people she had DS it’s often because I want them to know that we knew she had it and accepted it, making her life all that more valuable. and thats just the DS- I could go on about her lungs and kidneys. … If its ok for sick babies to die, then why bother trying to save any sick kid? arg!

    1. I really don’t like it when we have to “justify” that our babies died because they had a problem, and that that makes it OK. It’s never OK. So if my baby had lived with his problems, would people say it would’ve been better if he’d died? Probably not. But they say it’s “for the best” that he died because he did. Because he was sick. I’m not OK with this, and not OK with people saying it to anyone.

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