Birthday gift

I know that giving is a good way of opening up the soul to love.  I would like to give back to the world, but nothing had really stood out to me.  I have read about others giving clothing to children their own children’s age.  This does not sound appealing to me, and so I know that’s not for me.

I was thinking about how thankful I was that the hospital gave us such a sweet little hat for Seraphim to wear, and how I wish I could give back by passing on similar things to other bereaved mothers.  I have thought about this so much in the past week, it has become nearly obsession level.  However, the problem with obsession when you have no motivation is that you don’t get far and it still keeps turning around in your head.  I have found a couple of websites that seem to do this sort of thing, but I will need to contact them.  Beyond that, though, I wondered if the local hospital (or the one Seraphim was born at) take donations, or if groups coordinate donations.  If anyone can give me pointers on how I should pursue that, that would be great.

I would really like to make some baby things to give in celebration of Seraphim’s 1st birthday.  I doubt I will have any significant leads or have enough time to really get anything sent by then, but I hope I can do something soon.  Since I know there are other mothers out there who are going to experience what I did, I’d like to pay what kindness we have been shown forward.  I think that would be a good birthday gift for my little boy.


2 thoughts on “Birthday gift

  1. I would definitely ask to speak to your hospital’s family life coordinator. I asked ours what she needed for families, and we now give “kangaroo care kits” to the hospital for families with babies in the NICU (as ours was). We make no-sew fleece blankets of only 3 ft by 3 ft (SUPER easy) and bundle them with little knitted hats (we learned to make these while our son was in the NICU, they were also easier than I thought! We learned via the book Chicks with Sticks though there are good Youtube links to making preemie hats). We drop off 12 of these blanket/hat combos or so every 6 months ish (or when we have a good bundle). I know they use them and need them, and I love having something meaningful to do while I’m watching my TV shows in the evenings! Additionally, our local March of Dimes chapter sometimes coordinates hospital volunteer events, so that might be a low-time-commitment way to get started, if you have one in your area.

    1. We don’t have a March of Dimes chapter here, but those are some good tips! Thanks for your input! I have been terrified of just calling the hospital and trying to figure out what to say to whom 🙂

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